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We are trusted and reliable name in the industry acknowledged as a distinguished manufacturer and supplier of quality approved laser land leveler. Soil erosion water wastage crop loss pest problem nutrient loss better prices better services in india, currently more than 5,000 laser levelers are in use in punjab, haryana. In house manufacturing, development and testing center for laser land leveler. Nampa land leveling automatic laser gps grade control. It can be easily mounted on every type of land leveler to provide precise grade information. Then fix the laser receiver and adjust the control box to auto mode, then start to level the land. These rugged implements directly attach to the tractors. Land leveling is necessary for taking up good agronomic, soil and crop management practices. Pdf laser system of land leveling yuvraj siddharth. Laser leveling training manual irri rice knowledge bank.

Rugged, lightweight, and compact to give twice the laser at an amazingly affordable price. The top countries of suppliers are india, china, and india, from which the percentage of laser land levelers for sale supply is 1%, 97%, and 1% respectively. The rl200 series sets new standards for simplicity and accuracy. The advent of the laser controlled land levelling equipment has marked one of the most significant advances in surface irrigation technology. Laser land leveling a precursor technology for resource conservation author. Impacts of laser land leveling in ricewheat systems of the. A wide variety of laser land levelers for sale options are available to you, there are 321 suppliers who sells laser land levelers for sale on, mainly located in asia. Working and description of the equipment are given as follows. The everything attachments land leveler is built with 14 side plates, 3 square tubes and 38 frame and hitch. Tough enough to handle a wide variety of general and concrete construction applications, the ll300 delivers consistently reliable and accurate performance. The level sets vertical and horizontal lines automatically and comes with a 48 in. The complete laser land leveler equipment includes laser emitter, laser receiver, two way hydraulic valve, laser eye, grade rod, tripod stand, control box on tractor.

Laser sensorlaser sensor the laser is pickedthe laser is picked up by one or moreup by one or more receivers that arereceivers that are hand held, rodhand held, rod mounted ormounted or equipment mountedequipment mounted receivers. Pdf a laser controlled land leveling system prototype has been developed which comprises of a laser transmitter, a laser receiver, an intelligent. Traditional methods of leveling land are cumbersome, time consuming, and expensive, so more and more farmers are turning to modern methods to level the land. Pdf laserassisted precision land leveling impacts in. May 26, 2015 a laser land leveller a machine equipped with a laser guided drag bucket is much more effective and quicker in ensuring a flat tabletop like surface.

Laser land leveler is leveling the field within certain. We are a family owned and operated heavy civil contractor that serves idaho and oregon. Tractor and grading implements the laser guided systems can be mounted on bulldozers, scrapers, road graders, and even terracers. Laser leveling of agricultural land is a recent resourceconservation technology. Dasmesh laser land leveller is leveling the field within certain degree of desired slope using a guided laser beam throughout the field. Scraper, wheel carrier axle, triangle draw bar, lead screw and mast. Want to purchase, but unsure which is the best product for the price. Combine with a tm1 mast and lsb110 laser receiver for automatic control and survey capabilities on a single scraper. Dual edge land leveler land plane utility grader v2. Laser land leveller by ksa agrotech tractor swaraj 855 duration. The optional hydraulic scarifying teeth and bidirectional cutting edge enables you to use this in two directions forwards and backwards saving both time and money. Evaluation of the laser leveled land leveling technology on crop yield and water use productivity in western uttar pradesh r. Straw reaper,thresher, laser land leveller, rotaseeder,rotavater, disk harrow, zero drill,disk jindra etc we are all agricultura implements. New land leveler from everything attachments youtube.

Laser land leveling topcon positioning systems, inc. Unevenness of the soil surface has a significant impact on the germination, stand and yield of crops. Laser land leveler laser land leveler pro5000 plus. Tractor and grading implements laser transmitter laser sensor electronic and hydraulic control system how does laser guided land leveling work. This unit is capable of surviving drops of up to 3 and tripod tips of up to 5. Laser land leveling a precursor technology for resource. The complete laser land leveler equipment includes laser emitter, laser receiver, two way hydraulic valve, laser eye, grade rod, tripod stand, control box on tractor and scraper unit. The laser land leveling work in india was initiated through joint efforts of the ricewheat consortium rwc for the indogangetic plains, the international maize and wheat improvement center cimmyt and the indian council of agricultural research icar and was outscaled by the national agricultural research system nars, private sector partners, manufacturers and service providers. How to tractor land plane gravel road maintenance youtube. Land leveler owners must give operat ing instructions to operators or em ployees before allowing them to operate the unit, and at least annually there after per osha regulation 1928. The advanced method to level or grade the field is to use laserguided leveling equipment.

Spacing measures 25 12 inside with 78 pin size for category 1 hitches and is quick hitch compatible. The system includes a laser transmitting unit that emits a laser beam that travels in a perfectly straight line. The costs vary according to the topography, the shape of the field and the equipment used. Pdf precision agriculturebased resourceconserving technologies rcts in their version of laserassisted land leveling, introduced at the. It is contemplated that laser levelers may play a significant role in improving resource use efficiency under surface irrigated systems in the igp. Highly accurate and easy to use, this self leveling laser level adjusts to even minor surface variations to automatically provide exact level lines. Council of agricultural research in promoting laser land leveling technology. Tractor laserlandleveler, tractor implements, farm. Pdf laser guided land leveling and grading for precision. Tomar, pardeep kumar, vineet kumar and sanjeev kumar sardar vallabhbhai patel university of agriculture and technology, meerut u.

Mahindra 2016 mahindra kll60 5 2 blade land leveler, 60 wide, 3pt hitch, quick hitch compatible, category 1, replaceable skid shoes, 6 reversible blades. A read is counted each time someone views a publication summary such as the title, abstract, and list of authors, clicks on a figure, or views or downloads the fulltext. Laser leveling of a field is accomplished with a dual slope laser that automatically controls the blade of the land leveler to precisely grade the surface to eliminate all undulations tending to hold water. The automatic, self leveling ll300 is the most rugged laser level available. Land levelling is a measure used in surface irrigation, such as basin and furrow irrigation. Perfect for field leveling or maintaining roads or ditch pads. Likerts summated rating scale technique was followed for the construction of. This new design is built from top quality mechanical and electronic components using the most modern production methods. This chapter gives a technical description of laser land leveler. Balkar750 laser land leveller is useful to level land equally in all the corners of the field. Pdf laser land leveling for enhancing agricultural input use.

Heavy duty land leveller and laser guided land leveller. Layering precision land leveling and furrow irrigated. Fits 2550hp tractor, no manufacturers warranty transportatio. Laser land leveling system ag308 7 level your land roughly with the traditional method first, then do precision leveling with this laser land leveling system. Features include a builtin 360 degree rotating leveling base and easy onoff buttons. Our land levelers range includes laser guided land leveler, reversible leveler and heavy duty land leveler. Land leveling saves irrigation water, facilitates field operations and increases yield and quality of. Laser land leveling oklahoma state universitystillwater.

Laser transmitter is installed on the tripod, the rotating laser. Facilitates a uniform distribution of water in the field. Replaceable high carbon steel double sided cutting edge. Increasingly, laser guided systems are being used in lesser developed country contexts as well. Land leveling through laser leveler is one such proven technology that is highly useful in conservation of irrigation water and enhancing. The laser transmitter transmits a laser beam, which is intercepted by the signal receiver mounted on a leveling blade attached to the tractor. Land leveler land leveler includes mechanical parts and hydraulic parts, the hydraulic parts are installed on the mechanical parts to control the mechanical parts. Land leveler land plane utility grader with scarifier shanks. It has 4 12 gussets, making it super durable and resistant to bending, twisting and breaking. It is perfect for back dragging, grading, or sod peeling. Leica lasers are one of the best laser levelers, which give the very precise land leveling. Dec 21, 2016 new and improved land leveler from everything attachments. Agriculture land leveller sokkia auto level dealers in.

The laser emitter unit sends continuous self leveled laser beam signal with 360 laser. Reduced consumption of seeds, fertilizers, chemical and fuel. Pdf impact of laser land leveler for enhancing water productivity in. An even land means irrigation water reaches every part of the field with minimal waste from runoff or waterlogging. Topcon laser land leveling solutions have been at work for decades, and that experience results in a rugged dependable solution delivering great accuracy repeatably, year in, year out. How does laser guidedhow does laser guided land leveling work. Several times a second, this hydraulic valve raises and lowers the blade of a grader to keep it following the infrared beam. Laser receiver the laser receiver is specialy designed for agricultural applications where level, single or dual grade is required. Laser leveling systems are commonly used in agricultural applications in australia, japan and the united states. Laser land leveling seeks to explain the benefits of land leveling in fields, particularly rice fields, and help develop skills of farmers and operators in using laser technology to achieve a level field surface. Ks kranti laser land leveler indias largest selling laser land leveler. We take pride in our work and are known in the treasure valley for a. Byremoving unnecessary field ditches and grading fields with a consistent slope towards major ditches, some producers have added 10 percent more plantable space within their plantations.

Laser land leveler celec laser land leveller, agriculture laser land leveler is perfect for land leveling, subsidy approved in india. With these methods a considerable amount of water is wasted. The most important safety device on this equipment is a safe operator. It is also intended to enable the users to identify and understand the working of the various components of a.

Pdf on sep 1, 2017, reena kumari and others published laser land leveling for enhancing agricultural input use efficiency find, read and cite all the research you need on researchgate. Using laser leveling results in a much more level field because accuracy can be improved by as much as 50% compared with the other systems. The laser controlled land leveling system consists of a laser transmitter, a signal receiver, an electrical control panel, and a solenoid hydraulic control valve. We are pioneer in the manufacturing of excellent quality land levellers with an affordability of price too. Thus, in the process of having good leveling in fields, a considerable amount of water is wasted. The others dry level their fields and check level by ponding water. Landforce 2 fieldking 2 dasmesh 1 soil master 1 mahindra 1 ks group 1 categories. Features a double welded on cutting edge in the front and rear for both backward and forward leveling. Components of laser land leveling system the laser leveler involves the use of laser transmitter, that emits a rapidly rotating beam parallel to the. Laser level and stud detector in one convenient body 180 degrees pivoting laser plane with level and plumb vials. Level the land from the higher place to the lower place along the ring. Pdf economics of laser land leveling in district faisalabad. It has the potential to change the way food is produced by enhancing resourceuse efficiency of critical inputs without any disturbing and harmful effects on the productive resilience of the ecosystem.

Laser land leveling laser land leveling seeks to explain the benefits of land leveling in fields, particularly rice fields, and help develop skills of farmers and operators in using laser technology to achieve a level field surface. The everything attachments land leveler, with scarifier shanks, available in 5, 6, 7 and 8 widths. Land leveling equipment for sale laser land leveler our land leveling equipment for sale laser land leveler is an earthmoving machine that uses a scraper to level the ground. Visimax 40ft red beam self leveling crossline beam laser level with.

Fill in pot holes, washed areas, low spots, washboard areas and recover gravel with the everything attachments land levelerland plane. Laser land levelling the costeffective solution laser levelling systems are commonly used in agricultural applications in australia, japan, and the united states. And at todays land prices, that quickly makes land leveling pay for itself. Laser land leveling is leveling the field within certain degree of desired slope using a guided laser beam throughout the field. Land leveler and rock bucket are two products available from cl fabrication. The components of laser land leveler and the procedure for laser guided land leveling are included in the chapter. We have updated our land leveler with a few new features that you are sure to love. Land leveler model 30503650 warranty degelman industries ltd. Agricutlure laser land leveller manufacturer in punjab. Laser land leveller is the process of flattening land. This aggressive, multipurpose, affordable leveler is the perfect solution for site preparation. Agriculture land leveller agriculture land leveller land leveller is an important equipment that is used for farming and agriculture with a purpose to level the land.

Evaluation of the laser leveled land leveling technology on. Laser defense system new tm operating manual for laserpro 904 model lp904 ultimate performance. Better quality laser land leveler laser land leveler is regularly used in the usa, europe, china, pakistan, nepal, bangladesh, iran and korea laser land leveler is a solution to several problems faced in cultivation. Keep the height of the leveler a little higher than the land 1cm to 2cm, lifting the laser receiver until the green lamp of the control box is bright. All matters related with the warranty of our products must be handled through the authorized selling dealer. And at todays land prices, that quickly makes landleveling pay for itself.

Pdf laser land leveling for enhancing agricultural input. Laser land leveler land plane leveler for sale fieldking. The unevenness in land level sometimes called surface topography results in reduced crop. No waste of water to check the field level reduced operating time. Pdf on aug 12, 2015, ml jat and others published laser assisted precision land leveling impacts in irrigated intensive production systems of south asia find, read and cite all the research you. Universal laser guided land levellers perfectly level the ploughed field and make it ready for cultivation. It is also intended to enable the users to identify and understand the working of the various components of a laser controlled land. Diagram showing major components of a laser leveling system. Manual for laser land leveling manual for laser land leveling. Each component of the solution is optimized with the features that matter and are easy to use. A rugged self levelling laser with automatic elevation alert, bright red beam and a working operating range diameter 600 meter. Touchup land leveling is usually based on a per acre or per hour rate.

Increasingly, laserguided systems are being used in less developed country as well. A scale was developed to measure the attitude of farmers towards use of laser land leveller technology in agriculture. The basic equipment for precision agriculture is laser land leveler. The mud scraper is installed between the front and rear axles of the machine and can lift, tilt, rotate and extend.

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