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It holds the 6th place, like dementia, in the list of main causes of death in cuba. It is the most common form of dementia and increasing age is one of the greatest known risk. Abstract the alzheimers disease is one of the main kinds of dementia that affecting growing elderly in the word. Alzheimers disease is a progressive neurodegenerative disorder with characteristic clinical and pathological features. Coping strategies among caregivers of people with alzheimer disease. Alzheimers disease ad is a progressive, deceitful and chronic neurodegenerative disorder mainly characterized by memory loss and cognitive disorders. To search, the descriptors alzheimer disease and occupational therapy were used, which were combined with behavior. Alzheimer disease is a neurodegenerative illness that manifests as cognitive deterioration and behavioral disorders. It is estimated that, in 2050, 25% of the global population will be elderly, thus increasing the disease prevalence.

This disease afflicts about 10% of the population with ages higher than 65% and 40% above 80 years old. In the last 20 years, alzheimers disease is no longer the paradigme of normal brain ageing even though premature and fast. Alzheimer s disease affects approximately 10% of patients more than 65 years old and 40% of patients more than 80 years old. Alzheimers disease affects approximately 10% of patients more than 65 years old and 40% of patients more than 80 years old. There is no effective treatment to stop progression of alzheimers disease. The web of science, medlinepubmed, cinahl, psycinfo, lilacs, scielo, otseeker, and pedro databases were used as sources of information. It is a chronic and degenerative disease who is characterized by decreased mental.

Dementias and alzheimers disease in latin america and the caribbean. Pdf coping strategies among caregivers of people with. Nowadays, this disease affects more than 20 million people, with enormous economical. A metodologia consistiu em uma revisao integrativa nos periodicos pubmed, bvsalud, scielo e capes. Artigos sobre alzheimer scielo by arturorviqp issuu. It became an authentic disease, nosologically well defined, and with a dear genetic root. Alzheimer s disease is the most frequent cause of dementia. Scielo books scielo livros scielo libros caldas, cp. The present article summarizes the personal biography of alois alzheimer 18641915, the discoverer of the association of brain histopathological changes that characterize the illness that takes its name.

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